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Domain Name Registration

Your own Domain name enables a faster and more direct lookup of your web-site in the World-Wide-Web jungle. According to experience, a Domain name offers a better means of associating your enterprise with your web-site than any other addressing scheme. It is thus easier to remember and can be used effectively in the advertisement for your products.

We register these names for you under the Top-Level Domains .de, .com, .net and .org and make also available the Domain name service (DNS) for your Domain. Other Top-Level Domains will be available on demand.

Services like "Fallback MX" (to guarantee the functionality of E-Mail services in case of line failures) on an external network, daily updated web access statistics for your site (giving you the opportunity to analyze the popularity of your site and its mutual relationship with conventional advertising methods) and more, which are related to a Domain name, are natural.



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