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OpenSource Software Consulting

OpenSource software and operating systems offer a cheap but flexible and powerful alternative to expensive commercial software products. A growing number of large companies has already deployed and used such software successfully whereas small business companies are often driven off by a more complex configuration and maintenance. The reason for this if mostly a lack of knowledge of the true advantages of OpenSource software and the difficulties they have when it comes to calculating the costs for running this software.

InWise offers consulting services for various employment possibilities for OpenSource software in your business, such as the use of the Linux operating system as an NT server, and helps you calculating the installation and run-time costs. We also provide you and your business with our know-how and provide active support in installing and maintaining OpenSource systems.

InWise offers support and service for installation and maintenance of applications including:

ProgramShort Description
LinuxUnix-like operating system supporting multiple hardware platforms
ApachePowerful modular web-server
SambaNT server emulation
ht://DigWeb indexing software and search engine
SendmailE-Mail Server / Mail Transport Agent
FetchMailE-Mail Forwarder / Mail Transport Agent
SquidHTTP and FTP Caching Proxy
PostgreSQLSQL Database Server
proFTPDpowerful modular FTP server
HylaFAXFax server and E-Mail/Fax gateway
PHPPowerful web-server scripting language
SANEMulti-platform scanner client/server software

Of course, we are supporting a lot more than the software listed above. Simply ask us if you have further questions.



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