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The appearance and the functionality of your homepage are fundamental for your success in the World-Wide-Web. We are providing you with our knowledge and skills in information technology and design in order to help you building up a successful Internet presence for your business.

The Corporate Identity of your business is essential for our work: Advertising and other presentation materials already available are analyzed and prepared according to your requirements, leading to an economical design process. The representation manner of your enterprise is then adapted to the technical environment and conceptional conditions of the Internet to form a hypertext document for the World-Wide-Web.

We place great importance on an intuitive guidance through your Web-Site, making it easier for your visitors to find the information they desire, e.g. about the products and services of your enterprise. Furthermore we emphasize on browser compatibility in order to guarantee the functionality of your site independently of the hard- and software used by your visitors.

Interactive web-components, making a visitor an active part of your web-site, as well as graphics and photographies complete the Internet presentation of your enterprise.

To increase the value of your efforts, we also offer a maintenance concept which helps your site to keep up with the latest news about your enterprise and thus helping you to keep your customers interested in your company.



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