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Access to the Internet is the start for your way to the World-Wide-Web. Through this, you get the ability of receiving and sending electronic mail, searching the Internet, publish your own information and more.

We offer you a number of combinable access solutions, beginning with virtual E-Mail and web-services and up to a leased-line connection for your business:


With this solution, your web-pages are hosted on our servers which also will process your E-Mail. We will quote an individual offer according to the amount of storage space your need to publish your web-documents.


You can have your own machine, too. On demand, we will also take over configuration and maintenance of this unit.

Dial-on-Demand / Server-Polling

This technique allows you to send and receive email nearly without delay. Your access router automatically connects your corporate net to the Internet whenever necessary. It is a good alternative for smaller businesses to a leased-line connection.


With a permanent connection of your corporate net, you can unleach all of the power of the Internet. On demand, we will also train your employees in the use of the various Internet access tools.

Please note, that we currently are providing dial-up access for local customers only.



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