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Web-Site Promoting

Your web-site can only be successful, if it can be found by those people who are interested in the information it provides. The basis for this is a fundamental preparation of your site for automatic "spidering" by search engine robots as well as the submission of your home-page URL to various regional, national and international search engines and Internet directories, including those which are specially related with your enterprise or products.

We pay attention to this starting with the design of your site and submit your site to the most important directories and search engines when the development process is finished. With our maintenance concept you get the benefits of adding your site to new or upcoming search services and control and optimization of previous submissions.

In case you already have a web-page, we will provide you with the neccessary information on how to add the data required by the spidering software of some search services before we submit your site according to its profile.

At present, our database lists more than 380 hand-picked Internet search services in German, English and in other languages. Additionally we will list your site in various business and topic related pages.



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